The mission of East Chicago Central High School, a diverse educational community, is to empower students for success in an ever-changing global society.

Committed to:  

  • A culture of excellence
  • A highly qualified staff of life-long learners
  • Partnerships with all members of the community
  • A safe and nurturing learning environment


  1. All students will graduate
  2. All students will be prepared for college and/or careers
  3. All students will be actively engaged in learning


  1. We will develop a systematic plan to increase student attendance.
  2. We will provide rigorous and relevant instruction.
  3. We will develop and sustain collaborative partnerships with all members of the community.
  4. We will develop a system of support to assist our students academically, behaviorally, and socially.
  5. We will actively engage our parents and families in the educational process.
  6. We will develop students’ leadership skills.